Monday, August 31, 2009

Spare the Rod Spoil the Child

What Church is he talking about?

I haven't heard a church leader of any sort encourage spanking children for at least thirty years if not longer. Do these guys have to make up a church to make a point?

US Mormons on Immigration

This recent post by Jerry Johnston in Mormon Times caught my attention.

These stories are tragic but I am afraid that I disagree with Brother Johnston. I learned the 12th Article of Faith those many years ago and I have been answering temple recommend questions for many years on the same subject.

Honesty is the best policy.

I am a big fan of liberal legal immigration but I am totally opposed to illegal immigration.

There have been comments that suggest some of the brethren want to look the other way on it but my answer is say this at your peril. Teaching disrespect for proper authority is insdious and has bad effects.

I have seen what tolerance for illegal immigration does in local units of the church and it isn't Kingdom building.

Julie M. Smith and I agree on something

We agree.

There is hope for us conservatives.

Racism in paradise?

Does Hawaii have a racism problem?

I have some experience with Hawaii over many years and I think this may be overdrawn. I would have said it was true thirty years ago but not so much any more. Funny that it comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center which I would not have expected to highlight racist acts by people of color.

I do think that the Akaka law referred to in the article is akaka.

More of my philosophy

Some of my personal philosophy:

1. Personal responsibility and free agency are ideas that every religious person ought to have in common with any other religious person
2. Charity is personal
3. Sunstone and Dialogue are not interesting
4. I don't care how many wives Joseph Smith had and who they were married to when he married them
5. Harry Reid is the worst Mormon politician ever
6. Orrin Hatch is the second worst Mormon politician ever
7. Wilfred Woodruff's testimony of Joseph Smith is more compelling to me than the book Rough Stone Rolling.
8. Gender is a word used in grammar. Sex is a word used in biology.
9. Dick Cheney is an honest man and worthy of great respect
10. George Bush is a decent human being.

My first blog entry

I have worn out my welcome at Feminist Mormon Housewives, Times and Seasons and now By Common Consent. It was inevitable. I think that most Mormon bloggers are liberals who have come to believe that they are smarter than other Mormons. The ones who are not liberals have a sort of Orrin Hatch like need to be liked by liberals.

So the Mormon blogosphere is all homogenized snot. I intend to post my opinions as freely as I like. I will take comments. Its okay to be something of a troll but I do intend to mock Dan the anti-torture man at every opportunity.

You have to post with some sort of id. I don't care if it is a pseudonym. After all I am using a pseudonym.

I don't intend for this to be too religious. I think that witnessing my religion requires my true name and I am more interested here in matters of culture, politics and daily life so you won't see my testimony here but if you find me out I'll be happy to share it with you.